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My Experiences

Shape the Way

I am Supporting You

in Shaping Yours


I believe we can all create a conscious Healing Existence that is rewarding and impactful.

I believe it to be true for you, because it is true for me. 

The Beginning

As the eldest child to BIPOC parents born into a survival mode environment of terrorism, occupation and a traumatic family story, I was conditioned to believe I had a life of limitations in this world. The best case hope was to suffer as less as possible. I did know know nor believed thriving was possible or how to get there.

My self mechanism way of compensation, was to proceed from educational achievement to corporate ladder-climbing. I focused on doing and achieving, and I did it well. It was not satisfying.

I could not find inner peace and felt disconnected from myself and the world around me.

The Pivot

It was through those challenges and soul searching that I learned the important role the mind-body connection plays in healing and growth. Since that time, I’ve dedicated myself to my own growth through mind and body-centered therapies, which ultimately led me to help others with their own experiences.

My immersion in these various modalities has given me a breadth of experience to support others on their own different personal healing journeys. 

The Way Forward

I took a leap of faith and embarked on a revolutionary pilgrimage of self love and renewal. I uprooted and moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i to be closer to nature and enjoy a deeper connection with mother earth.

I continue to immerse myself in exploring various healing modalities and ways of being, while transforming to a purpose of sharing my love for our world in a way that supports collective healing.

Healing is not a work of perfection or expertise.

We are all healers.

We heal with our wholeness, our humanity, all of our life experience, even our wounds.

Naomi Remen

My Approach

I carry with me a holistic, direct, playful, and warm approach to wholeness cohesive healing. As our work together unfolds, it is my intention to guide you to create a more rooted foundation in your body, mind, heart and soul, from which you can step into greater vitality, presence and wholeness.

I acknowledge and welcome all of the different parts within you and work with you to integrate those parts and all aspects of our human experience into the healthy, happy, vibrant person you deserve to be.

I strive to promote self-healing abilities and potential, 

strengthening and developing your support systems, including the people, resources, habits, rituals and environments in your life.

While we share so many similarities as human beings, we are also each so different, which is why we will get to know what makes you unique and help you discover your own authentic answers.

IFS Somatic Practitioner

Education & Credentials

Internal Family System, level 2

Specializing in Shame, Anxiety and Depression 

Internal Family System, level 1

A powerful and transformative model of psychotherapy developed by Dick Schwartz to restore wholeness and Self leadership

Certified Art Therapist

Robust four years program, including clinical practice 

Somatic Experiencing

Gentle therapy developed by Peter Levine to resolve symptoms of stress, shock, and trauma that accumulate in our bodies

Somatic Attachment Therapy

Certificate program for a holistic, body-centered method to healing relational wounds and trauma

Brainspotting, Phase 1

Locating points in the visual field to access unprocessed trauma in the subcortical brain, developed bt David Grand, Ph.d

Sound Healing Practitioner

Sound Healing for psychosomatic alingment and restoration

Inspirational Paths 

Ancestral Lineage Group Mentorship with Solea Anani, Archetypal Mythos - 2023

Obsidian Egg Journey with Karina Cienga Allison, Molten Roots - 2003


Mayan Astrology with Mark Elmy, The Four Pillars - 2023

Danza de las Estrellas with Carmen Vincete - 2022

Faculty Assistance at Esalen Institute at various workshops with Erika Gagnon and Xochitl Ashe - 2021-2022

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