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Specific Specialties

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Touch Me Personally

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Restore your Optimal Relationship

to Yourself and the World around You

Spring Mountain

Inner Conflict Resolution

Polarizations require Your Loving Presence.

You may experience different parts in you that want different things, each pulling strongly towards their direction. You may feel torn and confused on what voices to trust and listen to, how to move ahead, and what is the right choice to make. This inner struggle can lead to anxiety, depression, numbness, or system shut down.

These inner polarizations may be eased with the simple act of welcoming and bringing the conflicting parts together, having them face and talk directly to each other, with your Self playing the role of mediator.

During our work together, we will carve out space and listen to the reasonings and concerns each part holds.

We will bridge, reconcile, renegotiate, and restore inner harmony to your system, while understanding that your conflicted parts share the common goal of your wellbeing, good fortune, and happiness.

Grief & Bereaverment

Grieving is a sacred Right of Passage.


When my father took his life it woke me up to everything that is precious in this life.

To experience life fully we are required to move through the portal of experiencing death fully. 

Whether you have easy access to your grief, or struggle to feel,

I am here for you.

Through supported sharing and witnessing,  welcoming all of your grieving parts, and utilizing your body’s wisdom to feel emotion, we will explore grief’s essential interwovenness with gratitude, love, compassion, and vitality. 

Those who haven’t grieved, haven’t loved. 


Cultural Identity & Belonging 

Rejecting who we are at our core, leads to a friction in our relations

with ourself, with others, and with the world around us.

Learning to retell, reenact, and rebirth a new purpose to our life story, 

to untangle discordances within our self identity, 

to bring light and clarity to distorted beliefs we hold about ourselves

and where we come from,

 is the Heart of our Homecoming journey to our most Authentic Selves.

Our work will be devoted to welcome with radical love all the parts in us that feel isolated, alienated, and exiled, as we 

embrace and alchemize their stories.

Entheogen Integration*

You may have found yourself seeking moments of wonder and healing through non-ordinary realms of consciousness.

We are wired to seek, explore, and embody experiences of awe.

These sacred journeys should be approached and practiced with intention and care.

I support and guide seekers in how to mindfully explore entheogens and sacred plant medicines as powerful visionary tools: for cultivating inner transformation, fostering emotional resiliency, and unlocking new depths of creative potential.

Parts work, Inner Child work, and Somatic Therapy are powerful tools and resources to support integration and encourage embodiment as you embark on this inner pilgrimage.

Integration is synergy into wholeness.

It is the process of thoughtfully planting the new seeds of awareness into fertile soil. As you water and continue tending them, they hold the promise of manifesting deep sustainable changes in your day to day life.

Bringing the Sacred into the Mundane

Image by Greg Rakozy

*NOTE: I do not provide psychedelic substances, nor do I “prescribe” the use of psychedelics. Should you choose to partake in psychedelics, that is a personal decision that I support through education and mitigation.

Additionally, our work together is in the container of coaching, not psychotherapy. Should you require a higher level of mental health support I can assist you in locating the appropriate provider.

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