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    A Bigger Version of You
             is Waiting to be Born

And the day came when you ask yourself some important, meaningful, and potentially life changing questions about where and who you are, if you want to keep doing what you're doing and if you are truly living your best life.


A bigger You already exists.

A bigger You that feels more joy and fulfillment in your work, love life, and personal pursuits.

An embodied You that feels more passionate and alive. 

Together, as we move from a place of compassionate curiosity,

we will midwife your own birth as often as you need to.

IFS Somatic Therapist

Shalom. I am MayRav.

Open Hearted, Caring, and Intuitive

I help people to step into their fullest, most empowered lives - with wholeness, presence, purpose and peace.


I am in constant awe of our infinite potential healing.

I work with adult individuals from all walks of life to support their journeys of healing, realizing greater potential, expressing themselves more fully, loving themselves more deeply, and breaking through their limiting beliefs and harmful patterns.

I’m committed to creating a welcoming environment that’s diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist.

I view our work together as a shared, supportive, compassionate journey that helps you re-connect with your authentic self, while you integrate deep sustainable change. 

The healer you have been looking for

is your own courage to know and love yourself completely

Yung Pueblo


Therapy & Coaching Styles

My work is informed by a wide range of healing modalities to help you heal, balance, and bloom

Internal Family Systems

Somatic Therapy


Sound Healing Therapy

My Specializations

I am deeply passionate about walking beside you with compassion and curiosity

Cultural Identity & Belonging

Entheogen Integration


Sound Healing Therapy

Psychedelic Integration

What Clients Are Saying

"Working with MayRav created a safe space where I was able to finally address the parts of me that I was unhappy with. Meeting those parts in this space with compassion has created a new openness in every area of my life and helped me learn to love myself."

TS, Akron, OH

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